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Latex Printers

We normally associate latex printers and inks with HP, since they were the first ones in the latex game. Latex inks are water-based, and don’t give off much in the way of harmful vapours (like solvent inks), nor do they require ultraviolet light exposure to dry (like UV inks). Still, advances in the ink technology, and the addition of an optimizing fluid, have helped lower the temperature at which the inks cure, improving the equipment’s energy footprint. Top applications for latex printing are banners, soft signage, vehicle graphics, and other indoor and outdoor applications. HP in particular has been seeing substantial growth in interior décor, from wallpaper and other printed wall coverings, to window treatments, to flooring, to upholstery.

ADY’s Own Brand Wide Format Materials

As well as supplying HP large format media we also have our own range of ADY wide format materials, sourced by our own experts based upon many years experience of supplying products to the A. E. C market. Our range contains materials specifically made to match the performance of your particular inkjet printers and plotters plus a specialist range for Graphics and Latex.

ADY hold stock of HP Paper & Inks

HP Designjets, along with their printing material and ink supplies are tested extensively to ensure outstanding reliability across a wide range of conditions and in order to provide trouble-free operation. Manufactured to the highest possible standards, only HP consumables ensure maximum performance, longevity and ultimate cost-effectiveness.

All HP Designjet printers, printing material and ink supplies are exceptionally consistent, roll to roll, cartridge to cartridge. You’ll get fantastic results every time without printer jams or ink overload, which means you’ll save on both time and money.

We offer the complete range of HP consumables at very attractive prices. We also offer help and advice on the compatibility of machines and supplies, for example, the best papers and films to use for the best results in your printer. Most products are carried in stock and we can deliver locally & nationally either same day or standard next day on request.


The Decision Process – as simple as 1 2 3

  1. How old is your old printer and is it economical to repair after finding out the cost of a call out, labour and parts? We can fix it!
  2. Does your usage warrant buying a new one or will a much cheaper refurbished model be ok? We can help you!
  3. The prices of new equipment are much less than you think. The savings in efficiency on average is 25% and with many new features that will help with your production. We can provide you with a new one!
As an HP partner and Technical Production Specialist we will be happy to advise you on the best and most cost effective options that are available to you.

Cutting edge technology, with unrivalled support

With ADY, you don’t just get access to the latest technology from our main partner HP you also get unrivalled expert advice and support, so you therefore can be confident you’re making the best use of the solutions you choose.

Printers and copiers are often a central repository for sensitive company information, given that everything is retained in the hard drive. Make sure you are protected!

Reducing your costs

A strategic approach to managing the number of prints you produce can yield significant savings for any organisation. By assessing everything from numbers of wide format devices, through to changing user printing behaviour and choosing the correct device for the application, we can deliver substantial cost savings, typically over 25%.

The A.E.C Market

If you work within the architectural, engineering or construction industries, you will know that having a printing solution that works makes workflow smoother for everyone involved.

While a high-quality HP wide format printer may not be the first thing that comes to mind when considering building site essentials, it is absolutely necessary in order to keep projects on track. The foundations cannot be laid before a design for the new building has been produced and printed, and these designs need to meet high standards of clarity and accuracy. The same exacting requirements apply to technical architectural drawings and engineering plans. To create these documents, a standard office printer will not suffice – large-format printers are crucial to get the precise finish needed.

Having a printer that is tailored to your organisation’s individual needs makes it much easier to get exactly what you need from your prints. There are many printer features that you may not even know exist, but could be highly beneficial to you. For example, if you are using a printer on a building site, you can ensure that it comes fitted with a dust cover. There are also printers that automatically fold documents according to your chosen measurements, which is great for architects and construction workers alike. And if you’re concerned that you don’t have the space for such specialised machines, there are some that will fit into the same space as a standard desk.

Tight deadlines will be familiar to engineers and construction workers alike, and having the correct wide format device can make it much easier for you to meet these deadlines. There’s no need to wait for prints to be delivered to you and the inevitable revisions of technical documents can be made much more quickly. With the ability to print your own documents, you can also keep your operational costs at a minimum – you can print only what you need, and bespoke documents can be produced at a lower cost than outsourcing. You can even improve your revenue by printing for other organisations.

Whether you’re an engineer, an architect or a construction worker, it is definitely worth considering a new printer. With benefits like tailored features, a smoother workflow and lower operational costs, printing in-house could really boost your business.


Whatever an organisation’s appetite for change, it mustn’t overlook the fact that technological advances are driving wholesale improvements within the wide format print industry.

This innovation brings with it an opportunity to reduce costs, reap value and achieve environmental benefits. From more extreme workplace transformations to simple to use equipment, it’s an area that all businesses must take seriously. After all, whether it’s competing within fierce markets or adhering to diminishing public budgets, all organisations are under pressure to tighten those purse strings!

Wide format printers

Technological innovation and sheer diversity of applications has been driving growth in the wide format printer market. Although the secret of growth opportunities in the wide format print sector may have gotten out some time ago, it has not stopped companies from entering the sector. Whether it’s commercial printers diversifying into the market or traditional signmakers adding new revenue to their businesses, the wide format printing sector has become a very popular and competitive place. Despite the onslaught of online and electronic media, print media still remains relevant by providing low cost posters and banners that are portable, flexible and provide immediate consumer engagement without technical glitches. Print is not dead in the wide format print space and print service providers are leveraging technological innovation and creativity in order to find new ways to merge print media with digital media. The sheer diversity of applications is one of the key reasons why wide format printed materials continue to be used even in our present digital marketing age.

But which wide format printer is the right printer to get?

Well it all depends on your application and the volume of prints you want to produce. Here is a breakdown of different inkjet printing technologies.

Aqueous inkjet printing

The worldwide wide format aqueous inkjet market is a fairly mature market. The aqueous inkjet market is a large market comprised of three primary market segments: technical, creative, and production graphics. Aqueous inkjet is the most flexible wide format print technology, especially in the technical and production graphics markets. The trend toward environmentally friendly printing processes and the sustainability of print has also been gaining momentum, and there are no signs that it’s likely to stop any time soon. Hewlett-Packard have launched new systems to increase speeds and improve resolution and image quality, as well as use new ink formulations to expand the colour gamut and improve outdoor durability. Wide format aqueous inkjet systems provide the fastest output with typically the highest resolution, yet with the lowest capital investment. These printers will appeal to commercial printers, designers, advertising agencies, and sign shops, as well as architects, engineers, prepress/proofing departments, photo labs, professional photographers and internal marketing departments.

Solvent & eco-solvent printers

Solvent and eco-solvent inks are the ideal choice for wide format printing applications such as outdoor durable signage, vehicle wraps, posters and banners. However, owing to concerns related to the environmental impact of volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) present in solvent inks, print service providers are shifting from solvent inks to aqueous and UV-curable inks. Colours have excellent fade-resistance and they are relatively inexpensive and enable printing on flexible, uncoated vinyl substrates, which are used to produce vehicle graphics, billboards, banners and adhesive decals.

Eco or mild solvent-based inks are less hazardous but may not be as durable as true solvent inks. These printers have become popular in small to medium-sized sign shops.